Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hall County: Sex, Drugs, & Money

There is an article in the Gainesville Times today that is very interesting.


The interesting part is the points I have learned that do not show up in the article. Now I am in no way blaming Melissa Weinman. I assume I am digging a lot harder than Melissa due to rumors I am following up on. "Rumors" have it that the corrections officer that has been running this "business" is in charge of transporting the inmates to the Hall County Recycling Center. Also I have been told that inmates have been "meeting" with their girlfriends on the Recycling Center grounds. Also Recycling Center staff has been ignoring the issue and keeping quiet for some time. Lastly that Charlie Nix new all of this and never did anything to officially stop it.

Notice I say officially, my sources tell me that when things were noticed at the Recycling Center the standard procedure was to call Hall County Corrections and get them to get someone down there to "handle it."

I have also been told the Charlie Nix would not allow multiple officers on the facility to supervise the inmates. Now that in my opinion is just stupid. I'll be glad when someone competent is hired to replace Charlie Nix.

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