Friday, October 22, 2010

Rumors have it.

Rumors have it that Commission Chairman Tom Oliver is working behind the senses trying to get Paul Godfrey elected to the South Hall Commission seat.

Now I know Tom used to be a democrat and now he is suppose to be a Republican but I think Tom is more about the Party of Tom Oliver in charge than what is good for the County. Tom's pet chihuahua is leaving the commission kicking and screaming and mad as heck. He is spending all his free time calling employers of good citizens trying to get them unemployed like he is. I know Tom has to be pushing the guy to do it. Doesn't he have some eggs to load in a truck for Tom?

Now back to Paul Godfrey, I really hope he relaxes a little after he looses. I am sure as tense as he seems to be that the poor kids at Lanier Tech have to be getting the brunt of it.