Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hall County: Sex, Drugs, & Money

There is an article in the Gainesville Times today that is very interesting.


The interesting part is the points I have learned that do not show up in the article. Now I am in no way blaming Melissa Weinman. I assume I am digging a lot harder than Melissa due to rumors I am following up on. "Rumors" have it that the corrections officer that has been running this "business" is in charge of transporting the inmates to the Hall County Recycling Center. Also I have been told that inmates have been "meeting" with their girlfriends on the Recycling Center grounds. Also Recycling Center staff has been ignoring the issue and keeping quiet for some time. Lastly that Charlie Nix new all of this and never did anything to officially stop it.

Notice I say officially, my sources tell me that when things were noticed at the Recycling Center the standard procedure was to call Hall County Corrections and get them to get someone down there to "handle it."

I have also been told the Charlie Nix would not allow multiple officers on the facility to supervise the inmates. Now that in my opinion is just stupid. I'll be glad when someone competent is hired to replace Charlie Nix.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What is wrong with the Gainesville Times?

The Gainesville Times Editorial Board (and Publisher) must be crazy. This morning I take a look at the editorial section and they have this article.


In the editorial they pretty much say that the incoming commissioners are crazy and ignorant. I ask the editorial board this question. What is wrong with elected official having character and fulfilling their promises? I suggest that there is more to it than them just having an opinion.

I think the upper management is making a concerted effort to protect Tom Oliver. Keep in mind even though I am very critical of Tom Oliver I truly like him. But enough about Tom Oliver lets get back to talking about the idiots over at the paper.

Now I do not use the word idiot lightly. I am going to look at this from an economics standpoint for a second. People get elected by majorities (all but the President) and majorities like to protect their choices, at least in the beginning. Everyone knows that newspapers across the country are hurting. I know I do not subscribe (why should I when I can read for free on line.) So why would they try and piss off 3 commission districts? I will reference the final line in the editorial. "The incoming commissioners were elected by the voters based on their own ideas and strengths as candidates - not with the expectation that they would blindly march to disaster behind Bell, like the children of Hamelin following the Pied Piper." (The incoming commissioners both promised to put the library in Clermont, FYI.) There is only one answer I can come up with that makes since. They are purposely trying to antagonize the readers to keep them reading. The only problem with that theory is eventually readers will just stop wanting the controversy. But seriously I do not really think that is what they are doing.

I am not going to just complain about the Times. I would like to commend Melissa Weinman for her coverage of the commission and many other things. I think she writes fairly and tries to give just the facts. This is all I ask. Just give us news not your personal slant. I realize the editorial section is for opinion but I am now referring to a larger issue.

If you, the Times, want to stay in existence I recommend killing the slant in what you write as well as what you cover. Keep it to news and I will continue to read. Make yourself an excellent paper and I may even subscribe.